Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3G in the United States to see the embarrassment and disappointment of China

Look up Google, as much as many as 2.5 million "3G dream," 2360000 "3G revolution" website. Can not say that is not sacred, not spectacular. To 3G can do any good? Can say very few clear .

"Leading the Future, achievements dream", so high-profile ad can be said to shock the world. However, the domestic 3G has been heard more, appear less like a kung fu master of deep, not easily appear. Until this year in May, was officially unveiled. Now most of the 3G mobile phone consumers be seen and heard, and could be more to regret and disappointment.

The embarrassment of the current 3G propaganda. Handset can also be put up ugly, but its mysterious ads Xuanhu basic things can be used on a large unpleasant had not; can use the function with the original 2G era of almost the same price is also more expensive. It is said to be 3G take the "high end" of the user generally known as "noble family." out of the operating room, etc., look at the services and the "package" form, a deep sigh: "Why to 3G?"

In fact, China 3G can refer to the practice of the United States. The United States is developing the first national 3G standard and has a country, but has not been able to provide consumers with fixed-priced wireless services, 3G development has been relatively slow, come a a long detour. Verizon, Sprint, AT & T have been too much emphasis on the revolutionary 3G, high-end market began to cultivate from the user, resulting in lack of application services, user interest to the embarrassing situation. By 2007, the U.S. also not a more successful business 3G network.

But this past few years, the U.S. mobile operators complete a modified one: 淇濊瘉 Putong phone user fees within the fixed line, mobile phone all Peizhi not high, all free Song; Bingju phone number can Gensui carrier as item No. .3 G Du is a custom service, not a package "sets" of the user.

3G operators on the one hand the United States continuously improve 3G network construction, to ensure 3G speed, which is the key to the entire application. Verizon, Sprint, AT & T and other well-known companies have been transforming the U.S. 3G networks, the introduction of new technology to ensure the network speed and stability. On the other hand, the majority of operators are actively involved in the joint launch of a variety of downstream devices and 3G services, and positive change in the original high-end strategy, the majority of mobile phone users with a more affordable 3G services. At present the United States 3G handset on the related application software has reached more than 20,000 kinds of species.

June 2007-June 2008, the United States the number of 3G mobile phone users jumped 80 percent, to 64.2 million, accounting for the total number of mobile communication users 28.4%, but also to the United States as the world's most dynamic and the market value of the 3G area.

3G meandering paths from the United States has been enlightened as far as Chinese 3G, the most important task is to "landing", it launched a real mobile phone network service, should not always lofty.

One thing I am confused, Chinese telecom companies have been arguing the superiority of the standard, or even to hit the U.S. television advertising. The problem is, 3G so stressed that something needs standards?

A lot of money to invest in 3G in order to prove the correctness of an unknown source saying there: "third-rate companies make products that make second-rate enterprise platform, enterprise-class standards to do." There was a similar "first-class vendors selling rules , second-tier vendors selling technology, third-vendors selling products ".

Refer to these very philosophical cautionary rhetoric, in fact, suggesting to the upper levels, units, or institutional investors: our existing 3G standard, more platforms, it is first-class enterprises, and at least a second-rate.

However, any platform, standard, or even business culture, If the end does not implement real Ji enough to provide more useful consumer products and services to customers faster and better and cheaper 鍦?solution to this problem, will become a "mirror in flower, in the water. "

Most of the development standards, rules of business are starting from the product until the product chain as consumers and an indispensable part before gradually transition to the rules and standards. The primary purpose is not monopoly and exclusive product lines but the formation of other products, other companies can refer to the standard, making their products better, faster penetration into other or new areas.

If Bill Gates created Microsoft's original intention is not to become the industry standard and rules to make the products and services. He has only one thought, to make companies and individuals want to buy the software. In the PC area, obviously the first step is operating system, the second step is the office software.

Now Microsoft is in these two areas of near-monopoly status, not by "standard" worked out, not by "rules" delineated out, but 20 years of brutal competition in the products, more and more enterprises and individual choice results. standard products on the market authority from the initiative, the validity of rules derived from consumer products, dependence and loyalty.

To speed up 3G "civilians" of speed

3G on the amount to anything in the standard is important, equally important platform, but the key is to get real benefits to mobile phone users, "civilians" of the 3G can enjoy "a dream come true." Even the best public relations and marketing strategy, no real products and services based on the waste will eventually become a mere formality, and even into the board, "the emperor's new clothes." just bankrupt American General is a good example.

3G standards have, the largest mobile phone market with two dominant, in fact, China's 3G not given any priority to become the leading industry. Instead, opinionated, behind closed doors, do not give more than 600 million mobile phone users real benefits, not "civilians "of the fresh enjoyment, it seems the priority in our hands, may tossing a few times back in the hands of others.


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